These Eight Fun Camps Will Teach Your Child #RealSkills This Summer

Posted on: May 4th, 2017

Eight Camps Teaching #RealSkills from #Activ8! 😀

There’s no reason to choose between fun and learning this summer—with Activ8, kids can choose from a huge collection of exciting summer camps that use crafts, games and other fun activities to teach valuable skills or life, school and the future. Here are the Top 8 camps that your child can enroll in today to learn #realskills this summer.

  1. Activ8 Academy
    Each session of the Activ8 Academy is a whirlwind of games, crafts, fun and learning to get your child curious about life. Learn about farming, the natural world, animals, bugs, history, other countries and cultures, and much more! You child will come home each day with dozens of stories to tell you about what they learned that day.
  2. After-School Munchies
    The bus is gone, the backpack’s off, and the long school day is finally over. Time for a quick snack! This camp will teach kids how to quickly and safely prepare wholesome after-school munchies using just a toaster and microwave oven. They’ll take a few steps towards independence, and give you a little bit of a break too!
  3. Wild for Wellness
    It’s never too early to start thinking about health and wellness, but talking about these things can be a drag. This camp will teach kids fun tips on nutrition, grocery shopping, exercise and more! A friendly trainer certified by the American Heart Association will even visit to give lessons on first aid, CPR and healthy living. Your child might come home asking for broccoli  instead of chicken fingers for dinner!
  4. 104 Keys to Success
    There’s no way around it—knowing how to type is absolutely essential to succeed in today’s world. This camp ditches books and drills and makes typing fun to learn with games and activities. Hunting and pecking for the right key will be no more—kids will learn how to use all ten fingers to to up their word count and type comfortably. That next school paper will be a breeze!
  5. Sew Organized
    Our sewing classes are some of our most popular camps, but this one is a two-for-one. Kids will learn sewing skills to create their very own art supply case to take home. At the end of the week, they’ll know how to put their sewing skills to use to create more crafts in the future, and they’ll have a great new home to store all their sketchpads, markers, paints and pencils too!
  6. Etiquette Camp
    Etiquette—we all know its important, but does it have to be so stuffy? Nope! Kids in our etiquette camp will learn how to be suave, savvy and confident in all social situations. Important dinner? Table manners down pat. Firm handshake? You bet. Plus they’ll learn about body language, writing thank you cards, making introductions, talking on the phone, and so much more.
  7. Animal Care and Training
    Having a pet is a crash course in responsibility. This camp will teach kids all the basics of caring for a furry friend, as well as the reasons why animal companions deserve our love and affection. Kids will learn all the needs of pets and how to meet them, proper animal safety, and even about jobs and volunteer opportunities to give them more hands-on experience with friendly animals in the community.
  8. Chess Basics and Advanced
    It isn’t called the “game of kings” for nothing. Chess teaching advanced, lateral thinking skills that will serve your child well in any endeavor. Plus, it’s fun—otherwise, why would we still be playing it 500 years later? Beginners will learn the basics of the pieces, movement and strategy. After, they’ll learn about pins, forks, skewers, tempi, sacrifices and zwischenzugs to outsmart their opponent and win the world’ most famous game.Didn’t see one that caught your fancy? No problem! There are dozens more camps available to fit any child’s needs and interests.Give our catalog a look through and call or register online today!

So, Activ8! Summer Camp 2017 begins May 30th and runs 10 weeks through Summer. Spark your child’s imagination by building your own schedule from 200 Camps. in  7 Categories for ages 4 to 18.

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