Schedules & Tuition

CSU Youth Dance Conservatory Schedules & Tuition

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CSU Youth Dance Conservatory Schedule 2018-2019

We will not meet for classes on:
Labor Day – September 3
Thanksgiving – November 19-24
MLK Day – January 21
Spring Break – March 25- March 30

All new students ages 7 and up will be evaluated for placement. Students age 6 and under will be placed in the appropriate class based on age.

Age 3-4: Move A Little, Move A Lot
Age 4-5: Creative Movement
Age 5-6: Pre-Ballet
Age 6-7: Pre-Level 1 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4-4:45pm                             Pre-Ballet                                    3:30-4:15pm              Creative Movement             4:30-5:15pm                    Move A Little/Move A Lot 5:00-6:15pm                  Level 3 Technique                   4-5:15pm                       Level 3 Technique                    9:00-9:45am           Move  A Little/Move A Lot     
4-5pm                            Pre-Level 1                                              4:30-5:30pm              Level 3-7 Stretch     4-5:15pm                    Level 3 Technique 5:00-6:30pm          Level 5/6 Technique      5:15pm-6:45pm                    Level 5 Technique        9:00-9:45am     Creative Movement        
5:00-6:00pm                  Level 1 Technique                  4:30-5:30pm              Level 2   Technique       4-5:30pm                       Level 4 Technique                          5:00-6:30pm          Level 7 Technique                5-6:30pm                      Level 6 Technique                    9:00-10:30am        Level 4/5 Technique   
5-6:30pm                      Level 5 Technique                     5:30-7:00pm             Level 4 Technique 5:30pm-6:30pm                         Level 4 Pre-Pointe                6:30-7:30pm        Level 5 Pointe       5-6:30pm                   Level 7 Technique            10:00-10:45am          Pre-Ballet              
5-6:30pm                   Level 7 Technique            5:30-7:00pm                 Level 5 Technique       5:30-6:30pm               Level 4 & Up Boys Class      6:30-7:30pm        Level 6 Pointe                   6:30-7:30pm             Level 7 Variations                         10:00-11:00am          Pre-Level 1               
6:00-7:00pm                  Level 1-3 Jazz                5:30-7:00pm              Level 6/7 Technique    6:30-7:45pm               Level 4-7 Contemporary  6:30-7:30pm        Level 7 Pointe               10:30-12:00pm        Level 6/7 Technique
6:30-7:30pm             Level 7 Pointe       7:00-8:00pm              Level 5 Pointe               11:00-12:00pm         Level 1 Technique                    
6:30-8:00pm                Level 6 Technique                        7:00-8:00pm              Level 6 Pointe                    11:00-12:00pm        Level 2 Technique                           

Tuition: Call 706.507.8368 to register.

All CSU Youth Dance Conservatory classes are held at the historic Rankin Arts Center, 1004 Broadway in uptown Columbus. All classes are billed annually but may be paid in monthly installments.

• Pay in full for the year and save 10%
• Add $60 for each class over 7 classes per week.
• $20 Drop/Add class fee applies to any schedule change.
All dance students must pay a $20 non-refundable annual registration fee.

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