Performances & Opportunities


The CSU Youth Dance Conservatory works in partnership with The Columbus Ballet. The Columbus Ballet presents two productions every year, one of these productions is the traditional Nutcracker Ballet. The production offers the students in the Conservatory (7 years old and older) the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful holiday experience.

All students at CSU Youth Dance Conservatory participate in our End of the Year Performance. Every student is invited to participate. This is an opportunity for all levels to show their progress, and every teacher choreographs special pieces for the students. The End of the Year Performance is presented in the month of May at CSU’s University Hall.

The Conservatory has two weeks of open classroom observation (September and April). Parents are invited to come into the classroom with their children and observe a formal ballet class. Our teachers will explain the nature of each exercise and the skills required to execute them correctly. This is a great opportunity for the parents to observe the students’ progress through the year. We also perform evaluations at the end of every year.

Other performance opportunities are available through The Columbus Ballet including outreach presentations in Muscogee County Schools and at the Public Library during our Nutcracker season as well as our End of Year Performance in April.

“My daughter, Piper, has been dancing with the Columbus Ballet since she was three. The instruction she has received has been exceptional. Her teachers have instilled in her a love for dance that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. They have watched my daughter grow up, and I will always be grateful for the life lessons they have taught her that extend far beyond the ballet classroom. Through dance, my daughter has learned grace, poise, and the importance of discipline. The Columbus Ballet has given Piper the tools necessary to become a skilled ballerina and a confident young woman.”
– Amy Carlson