New iTech Camps Will Super-Charge Your Child’s Imagination and Design Skills

Posted on: May 18th, 2017

Does your child’s mind whiz and whir like an amazing inventive machine? Just wait until they step into one of our NEW iTech camps!

Activ8 is excited to shine a spotlight on our incredible new iTech camps! These technology and design programs bring every camper’s fantastical ideas to life, all by using their favorite creative tools like Minecraft®, LEGO® and Android®. These camps, held in partnership with Black Rocket, are powered by imagination and full of hands-on design and creation. From start to finish, students will create masterpieces to share with the world and continue developing at home. The programs allow the students to mirror real-life experiences and the collaborative nature of the design process. Check out a few of these incredible camps below!

  1. Creating Android Apps
    Campers will learn how to create mobile apps for Android powered phones and tablets using the Android AppInventor interface provided by the MIT Center for Mobile Learning. Students will learn to design, build and install their apps on Android devices. Will your camper make the next hit application? They’ll certainly get a start here!
  2. Minecraft Designers
    If your camper loves Minecraft and always wanted to design their own world, this class is their dream come true! They will learn how to create a custom map, the basics of creating 3D models using a new software to design your very own objects, how to build with Redstone and Command blocks, and create custom textures to import at home or share with friends.
  3. Robotics Programming
    Campers will learn to build and program a real robot! Will they make their robot dance or navigate an obstacle course? They will assemble robots using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics System and then program it to do whatever they want it to do!
  4. Web Design
    Campers will learn how to set up a website and maintain it efficiently. They’ll learn how to code the bones of a site in HTML, and will also get some experience using both a plain text editor and various authoring tools to maintain a site and create content for viewers. This camp will spark what may become a lifetime of curiosity and creativity in digital design.
  5. LEGO Film and Stop Action
    Campers will make LEGOs come to life! They’ll bring their favorite action figures or LEGOs and create a short film with friends. Whether they want to recreate a scene from Star Wars or design a world of their own, this camp brings their dreams to the screen, and will teach them skills to keep making films after the week is over.

And that’s only the shortlist.

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