Cyber Security for Your Business

Posted on: November 14th, 2018

Cybersecurity for Business Instructor: Michael Barker 

Cyberattacks pose an unprecedented threat to the very survival of your business. From espionage, ransoms, political retribution, random acts, and outright theft of key technology, cyber threats can cripple any business—large or small! You need to act quickly and decisively to protect your business from these significant threats. This 9-weeks-long certificate program, created and taught by Michael Barker, Director of the Columbus State University TSYS Cybersecurity Center and one of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts. 

You will discover how to: Build a cybersecurity strategy that minimizes risk at minimal cost integrate cybersecurity into your operations so that every part of your business is actively protecting your enterprise, and invest wisely in risk mitigation, so your money, time, and resources are used where they are needed most. Whether you are a business owner, an IT professional, or future entrepreneur, this certificate program will help you understand the foundation of cybersecurity. Learn how to reduce your vulnerability so you can protect your business, protect your customers, and protect yourself from cyber threats. 


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