Online Teaching

Develop the skills to teach online and create a teaching career that easily moves with you. This is the best instruction from the foremost authorities in online learning. From building an online course to improving an online course, from fostering online discussion to encouraging student interaction, from traditional assessment to online tests, the program will give you both the fundamentals of teaching online, as well as the most advanced tips and techniques in the business. Your instructors are authors, speakers and consultants in online learning and teaching.

You may register for these courses separately or as a part of a discounted certificate package.

UGotClass Partnership

Experience state-of-the-art online learning with UGotClass. These online courses include an audio presentation from your instructor, with slides, each and every week of the course. Unlike other text-only courses, you get to hear your instructor and learn visually too. UGotClass instructors are experts and authorities in their fields. Many are authors, speakers and consultants from all over the United States and Canada. If you choose to successfully complete this online certificate program, you will get a PDF certificate verifying your successful completion of the coursework. You will pass the unit quizzes and participate in discussions to earn and document your learning and knowledge.

“Great course … a must-have experience for online teachers!”
– Jonathan C.


  • Advanced Teaching Online
  • Designing Online Instruction
  • Fostering Online Discussion

Course Descriptions

Advanced Teaching Online


In the 21st century, half of all learning will be online. Discover how to plan, develop and teach an online course. Take home a ten-step model for developing your online course. Experience one of the most advanced online classrooms for teachers. Learn how to create online audio lectures with slide shows. Plus, find out how self-quizzes enhance learning and engage in online discussion with other teachers. An instructor’s book, Advanced Teaching Online, is included.

Designing Online Instruction


Discover the principles behind the adoption of technology innovation and the nature of the online learning environment. Get tips for planning your online course identifying resources and design guidelines. Discuss the phases of design and development and models, motivating student-student interaction, and managing interaction. Get the latest information on copyright issues, assessment and evaluation. Your instructor is co-author of the book The Online Teaching Survival Guide, which you will receive in the mail with this course.

Fostering Online Discussion


Being engaged with your online learners throughout the course is one of the three biggest challenges for online teachers. It is also one of the three biggest ways to take your online course to the next level, making it a superior learning experience for your learners. Come experience how to do it from the creator of the concept and practice of ‘continual engagement’ in teaching. Discover how to build student success through your interaction, how to give online learners valuable feedback, and how to communicate with them about everything from subject matter and delicate issues to grading. You will come away with advanced, practical, how-to tips from one of the foremost authorities on fostering online discussion. This is a one-month course.