Medical Coding & Billing

Our Medical Coding & Billing Certificate integrates the parallel career paths of Coding and Billing & Reimbursement into a unified perspective that prepares students for real-world work experience and credentialing by the leading organizations in these fields.
In order to earn a Certificate in Medical Coding and Billing, five required courses for a minimum of 192 contract hours must be completed.

Upon completion of the certificate, you should have a complete comprehension of the connection between medical coding and billing and be prepared to:

  • Enter the medical coding and/or billing field at entry level
  • Pursue credentials from the American Health Information Management
  • Association (AHIMA) or the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)

Free information sessions are available for this program. Call 706.507.8070 for information.


You may register for these courses separately or as a part of a discounted certificate package. Courses must be completed in the order below.

  • Medical Terminology (online or in class)
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (online or in class)
  • Basic Medical Coding
  • Intermediate Medical Coding
  • Medical Billing & Reimbursement
  • Advanced Medical Coding
“I really liked our instructor for Medical Billing and Reimbursement. She was a very good teacher. She made us feel that she really cared about us and helped us understand the material. I feel that I learned a lot this quarter. I really enjoyed this class!”
 – Jane Eastridge

Course Descriptions

Medical Terminology (Online or in Class)


Learn medical terminology from an anatomical approach. Root terms are divided by each body system. The origin, a combined form, and an example of non-medical everyday usage are provided for each root term.



If you purchase a used book you will need to purchase the online access for the book.

The Language of Medicine (w/CD); 10th Edition

Authors: Davi-Ellen Chabner,
Publisher: W. B. Saunders Company,
ISBN: 9781455758814

Recommended, but not required material:

Medical Language Instant Translator 5th Edition

Authors: Davi-Ellen Chabner,
Publisher: W. B. Saunders Company,
ISBN: 9781455758319

Human Anatomy and Physiology (Online or in Class)


Review the principles of chemistry that are important to human physiology, the organization of the human body, and the differences between nonliving matter and living organisms. Survey the anatomy and physiology of each of the 11 organ systems of the human body.


If you purchase a used book you will need to purchase the online access for the book.

Structure & Function of the Body, 14th Edition

Authors: Gary A. Thibodeau
Publisher: Elsevier – Health Sciences Division.
ISBN: 9780323079310

Basic Medical Coding


Learn how to utilize diagnostic and procedural manuals as reference guides and practice coding and processing documents with real-world case studies. Cover all aspects of the ICD and health records content. (45 hours)




ICD-9- CM 2015 Professional Edition for Hospitals, Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Authors: C. Buck
Publisher: American Medical Association (AMA)
ISBN: 9781622021871 (You may purchase the compact version or the spiral bound version; 2015 version is available 9/1/14)

ICD-10-CM 2017: The Complete Official Codebook

Publisher: American Medical Association (AMA)
ISBN: 9781622024049

Basic ICD 10-CM/PCS and ICD-9-CM Coding, 2015 Edition

Authors: Lou Ann Schraffenberger
Publisher: AHIMA Press
ISBN: 978- 1584265030

Intermediate Medical Coding


Gain more practice and experience with ICD coding and learn all aspects of CPT coding. Review information technologies related to the field. (35 hours)


The required texts for Basic Medical Coding are required for Intermediate Medical Coding, plus:

ICD-10-PCS 2017: The Complete Official Codebook: Softbound

Authors: American Medical Association (AMA)
Publisher: Publisher: American Medical Association (AMA)
ISBN: 9781622024056

Medical Billing and Reimbursement


Cover all areas of reimbursement methodologies including submitting, tracking, and appealing insurance claims. Review compliance, confidentiality and privacy through exploring topics such as government funded programs, managed care plans, fraud and HIPAA. (40 hours)

NOTE: Not all Medical Coding & Billing courses are available every semester. Textbooks are required. A special discounted package price is available when registering for all required classes in this program.


Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement 5th Edition

Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement, 5th edition: Softbound, 2015

Authors: Casto & Forrestal
Publisher: AHIMA
ISBN: 9781584264347

Advanced Medical Coding


Gain the skills and knowledge needed to perform complex coding and billing procedures. The advanced level builds upon previous coding knowledge and progresses into CPT and HCPCS coding. Upon completion, you will be prepared to code competently and confidently in any setting – be it a hospital or a physician’s office. Textbooks required. Required Courses: Human Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Basic Medical Coding and Intermediate Medical Coding. (36 Hours)


HCPCS Level II Professional Edition

Publisher: American Medical Association
ISBN: 9781622022229

CPT 2017 Professional Edition

Authors: AMA
Publisher: AMA
ISBN: 9781622024001