Business Advice from a Professional Photographer

Posted on: May 11th, 2016

Entering a new business venture can be intimidating, and that’s why it’s important to fully understand the nuances of a business before taking that big step. Photography instructor and business owner, Joe Dallas, offers some tips that can help set you on the path to staring your own successful photography business. Below are a few things you want to consider.

Be sure your skills match your price.
You may be ready to go into business once your photography skills (technically and artistically) have grown to the point that you are able to consistently produce good images. You also must be able to reproduce those images under less than ideal circumstances. When potential clients look at your portfolio, they are going to expect you to provide them with the same quality images they see in your portfolio. When you can do this, you may be ready to consider charging for your services.

Understand what it takes to run a business.
Entrepreneurs spend more time managing their business than they ever could have imagined. The time you as a photographer spend behind the camera will be very little compared to the time you will spend running your business.  Make sure that you hire a reliable accountant and a lawyer. You will also need a valid business license, insurance, and a well-developed business plan to get started.

Develop a customer base.
Marketing is something you must spend a great deal of time on when beginning a new business venture. Social media, blogs, and networking are primary ways to attract new clients today if you are a photographer. Social media cannot be about promoting your business only. It must be used to communicate content that has real meaning to your target audience. This applies to blog posts as well. Be sure you aren’t posting only your photos. You want the world to see your fabulous work, but you must also be sure that you are providing solid content. Networking with other photographers and participating in the local photography community is important to increase awareness of your business. If your main intent is to help others (this must be sincere), people will flock to help you market your business. This networking phenomenon is something that takes time to build.

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