Activ8 Academy

Our special program for campers ages 4/5- 6/7. Every week has a new theme for kids to dive into with a variety of arts, crafts, games and songs! 

Week 1: May 30-June 2
Superhero Super Fun!
Superheroes come in all sizes, but the mini are the most mighty! Join our Activ8 staff in forming a superhero alliance. Use your imagination to solve mysteries and seek out villains to save the day! This camp is sure to spark ingenuity and provide exciting escapades.

Week 2: June 5-June 9
Around the World in 5 Days!
Pack your bags and your imagination as we travel around the world in 5 days! This week we will travel to various countries and learn about their cultures and customs. We will play games, learn new dances and celebrate all things international.

Week 3: June 12-June 16
Paws & Play
Furry friends are the best! We will enjoy fun games and crafts all week as we learn all about pets, animal rescue, pet care, and safety. Don’t miss a moment of furry fun— you never know when a four-legged guest may visit!

Week 4: June 19-June 23
It’s a Bug’s Life
Grab your magnifying glass! Let’s trek into adventure and learn about the tiny creatures all around us! From ants, ladybugs, and spiders, to insect lifecycles, we will take you closer into their world. Join us as we use math and science to compare different insects and research how bugs are important to our daily life.

Week 5: June 26-June 30
Magic Kingdom
Disney characters have taken over Activ8! They are having so much fun watching Disney movies and clips, learning songs, creating crafts and so much more- and you will too! Come join this week full of adventures, crafts, crazy characters and more!

Week 6: July 3-July 7
This Land Was Made for You & Me
Come with us as we tour national treasures like the White House, the Capitol, the Library of Congress, the Liberty Bell and more. You’ll make crafts and play games as we learn why we celebrate Independence Day, what the Constitution is, and how our government works.
Note: there will be no camp Jul 4

Week 7: July 10-July 14
Dinosaur Dino-mite!
Take a trip back in time! This week we’ll be going on an adventure to a time 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth! You’ll delight in making dinosaur footprints, clay casts, and creating your own fossils.

Week 8: July 17-July 21
Old McDonald Had A Farm
Have you ever wondered what happens on a farm? Or how your favorite fruits and veggies are grown? This week you’ll find out! Learn about types of animals, plants, and other items that can be found on a farm. After this week you’ll be able to start your own farm— with your very own vegetable plant!

Week 9: July 24-July 28
Outer Space Explorers
Blast into the week as we explore what lies beyond planet Earth! Learn about the solar system and all the planets in our galaxy while embarking on adventures in outer space. Remember to pack your imagination, because this week is sure to be out of this world!

Week 10: July 31-August 4
It’s A Jungle Out There
Are you ready for a ROARing good time? Let’s explore where the wild things are! Fun activities will morph you into a ferocious lion or a hungry hippo, while you learn about majestic animals and how to protect their habitat.


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