3 tips to Keep Your Middle Schooler Learning Over Summer Break

Posted on: April 23rd, 2018


In this digital age, you may have experienced trouble keeping your tweens off of their devices during summer break. You may find yourself asking, “What ways can I help my child stay engaged, AND have them enjoy it?” 

The honest truth is that your tween is interested in a variety of activities that don’t revolve around a device. They just may not know it yet. This is where research kicks in. Pay close attention to what your child is interested in and enjoys. Have they expressed artistic abilities? Are they good with computers? Do they enjoy subjects such as math or science? Do they have a natural ability to help people? These are the questions that must circulate in your mind when wanting to find an activity that will introduce positive attributes and skills into your tween’s life.

Tip #1: Summer Camp

Summer camps are a great way for your tween to dive deeper into their interests. Summer camps allow children to not only express hidden talents but discover new hobbies and skills. These new abilities can instill confidence that they can use in their daily life, like at Activ8 Camp. Activ8, is a summer camp located in Columbus, Georgia that provides a variety of engaging camps for Tweens ages 8-14. Some of their STEM camps include but are not limited to, Beginner Programming, The Wizards of Science, Cool Math for Cool Kids, and Kitchen Chemistry! These camps can allow your tween to engage in activities that will promote brain activity, and embed self-assurance during the school year. The are also camps for kids with a more creative side. These classes include Sew Fabulous, Lights Camera Action, Pop Dance, and Art Explosion! These are fun courses where creative sparks fly, and new ideas are generated.  Allow your child to experience both work and play while at camp this year!

Tip #2: Volunteering

Volunteering can be beneficial for children seeking to make a difference in their surrounding community. Being able to provide a positive impact to their peers and elders can help boost confidence and challenge them to learn about their neighborhood and the people within it. Volunteer work promotes different aspects of teamwork by providing your child with the ability to feel like they belong within a community. Volunteering can also payoff in the future. While tweens are usually too young to obtain jobs, volunteering can replace work experience in many cases. This allows your child to prepare for the working world by having relevant experience to use on a resume when preparing for their first job!


Tip #3:Visit your local library

Who says that books can’t be exciting? Books are filled with an entire world of fun! The key is for your tween to strengthen the use of their imagination instead of relying on the contents of a device. Diving into a new book will allow your child to meet a variety of characters filled with personality and explore worlds they never knew existed. With enough friends involved, your child can develop a book club at their local library to share their excitement.