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Don’t Let Money Control You! Get Wealth

Anyone can build wealth if they know how. All it takes is organization, discipline, and a firm knowledge of how to proceed. If you're serious about building a sizable nest egg and living the life of your dreams, this course will supply you with the knowledge and skills you'll need to succeed!
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Lean Six Sigma is About Focusing Key Resources

Ron Pleasant believes this Lean Six Sigma training is an important step in optimizing support processes allowing an organization to take very limited resources and focus them on the core mission. Pleasant left the workshop with a firm understanding of LSS tools and concepts. Additionally, he was provided with information that allowed him to translate the skills he learned into his everyday work.
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New Online Certificate in Data Analysis

Data Analysis is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace. Companies have vast amounts of data, but it is rare to have someone with the ability to analyze that data to see trends and make predictions. Add a whole new skill set to your portfolio, and make a big difference in the success of your organization.
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How to Get Started in Game Development

Continuing Education is proud to introduce a New Online Course: How to Get Started in Game Development. Now, you can build the foundation to design and develop games for modern consoles, desktop computers and mobile computing devices with this online class.
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